Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Dream & a KISS

So my sister is amazing. After she went to a KISS concert (she really has little idea of who they are or their music) and saw them backstage, she called me to tell me about a dream she had about me this weekend. Then she told me that one of the guys said hi to her and Gene Simmons smiled at her (of course).

So she called me at 1:08am ET to tell me in her dream I had dated several guys, none of them were working out so I just decided to settle with the last guy I dated because he was really good to me.

That seems like a simple dream but over the weekend I really was thinking this same thing. I was considering texting this person to reconnect because he was a good guy and maybe I was being too..... [fill in the blank with female trait]. I didn't feel good about that so I didn't do it. I was still feeling a little sad but I resolved not to involve anyone in my loneliness.

Then I read in a book about relationship myths [which i cannot stand the author because he complains about women] but he had a few valid points. one valid point that spoke to me. sexual attraction does not constitute a good or compatible match. this was made obvious to me recently. it truly is about deep love and friendship. that is what makes not just a relationship, but a family. a couple should be all in, like a serious friendship. you accept each other for who they are and treat them with the respect you would have for a best friend. except that additionally you have sex. hopefully as often as you'd each like! but the point of sex is to create a bond and intimacy that is shared by NO ONE else.

Then Ariane is totally in love with someone like this. It makes me so happy for her and confident that I've been chasing the wrong direction when it comes to compatibility. And i think the problem is that i've been chasing after it. or looking for it at every corner.

So after she told me her dream she told me exactly the kind of person i am and who i needed in a man. then she hung up. that is so shelby. wake me up in the middle of the night to tell me something random and then hopefully not be killed by a murderer. i am calling her at 8am just to make sure.

I feel like God is looking out for me. He used my sister to share something with me that would just confirm that he is still looking out for me, no matter how much i try to ruin things along the way. So i'm writing this so I can look back and see that a dream and a little KISS made my night. no looking back now, only moving forward. and i'm not going to worry about it so much anymore, just have a little faith in the process of finding a life companion.


Lauren said...
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Lauren said...

Also: able to be my own companion too at times when i'm feeling a little lonely.

Goliath Flores said...

Some of the most intelligent and interesting people I know have difficulty finding relationships. More than being interesting and intelligent, the people I speak of are "awkward" in society. And, I think they're awkward mostly because they ask peculiar questions (to general society) about life often. Nonetheless, I consider these people to be the gems of the earth, the spice of life all on their own, since they're the most interesting people to talk to.

Shelby Danielle said...

I love and miss you. I loved our conversation that night!