Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Can I get a do-over?

today, i put kids in a situation where they were set up to fail. then i tried to talk to a teacher about a student. teachers were frustrated with a student. i do everything i can with certain kids but there is only so much i can actually do.

tomorrow I'm going to have a re-do. i'm apologizing to several kids. I'm talking to a parent. I'm having a group where we make valentine's cards instead of me trying to teach kids go through a lot and grow up really fast. there have always been kids that grow up fast but now i see kids and probably 80% of middle schoolers act like they are on a reality tv show or have already "made it." its hard not to want to teach them a bunch of stuff about being a good person. but they don't care right now. it has to be natural and in the moment otherwise they resist. this is specifically middle school aged.

my cat bit me really bad tonight. perfect end to a crummy day. anything else universe? lets just get all of it out on this one day. i always try to stay positive but today its just not happening.

okay, tomorrow=re-do.

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