Tuesday, February 7, 2012

waiting game

so i did a big thing yesterday. i put an offer on a house in my neighborhood. its an adorable little yellow bungalow, fenced in, with a driveway & garage in the back (unusual for the 'hood). The best part is that the seller approved what i offered (several thousand less than the listing price). i prayed about making the right offer. i was thinking it may be too low but now i'm happy because the closing costs were more than i expected. now its a waiting game on the bank to approve. i'm so nervous but glad to finally get a chance to have a home. its something i've wanted for years. the bank has 60 days to approve the offer since it's a short sale. i understand all of the risks i'm taking by owning a home but i tried to make the best financial decision based on my current life and the next few years. Jax is my home but this will be an investment/starter home. praying and listening to God's leading.

for all of you who have been tired of me talking about doing this, now is the time you can finally relax!!

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Mike Evans said...

So proud of you! Fingers crossed!