Saturday, February 11, 2012

$ave Money Rap

My name is Ron McCullough I'm the King of the Crowd,
I'm gonna make a million dollars and I'll show you how.
I know I'm just a teacher but you'll think I'm more a preacher
cause you'll take something home and you won't feel alone.
My Dad told me if you want to take it easy
then you gotta work real hard and put a little away.
If you do that then you will see, you can relax when you're 73...
Instead of working at Home Depot to make a buck or two
when your back is hurting and you're chillin with a younger crew.
"save a penny here save a penny there" won't change a thing.
but only 2 grand a year will change your perspective....
its like having one math class but a thousand electives


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