Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Son of a Nutcracker!

my sister wrote about me so I'm going to write about her.


ok, now that i got her back..... I'm just going to say this. i hate waiting. i'll never say it out loud bc I'm trying to be cool, but really I'm a nervous wreck. time zones aren't helping either.

so this actually is a real country song, "Timing is Everything" but in the movie it didn't work out. well, sorta. so here's to staying cool, keep on keeping on, and a bunch of other cliche things. As my sister wrote, give it over to God.

ps. if you think you are getting away with a "free" puppy or kitty, think again. not only is there the toys and healthcare costs but the unexpected ones like, oh, an $80 power cord for your Mac.


Shelby Danielle said...

I love you an our honesty with one another. this I cherish

Shelby Danielle said...

bahahahaha. well at least he isn't going into heat and sticking his butt in the air like a two cent whore!