Monday, January 9, 2012

A Safe Haven

As uncomfortable as I can feel in church sometimes, to me the point is that it is a safe haven

to worship God and get encouragement
from other believers. I think we may spend to much
time focused on activities at church than living out
the Gospel where we are daily: work, family, friends,
neighborhood/street. to me, its a relational faith
so the church should be people invested and
available to those who need the hope of a LIVING God.
The church is not an activity to fill in our Sunday morning

Relevant Magazine Article on Why Young Adults are Leaving the Church

"i think it's as simple as making friends. watching movies together. having bbqs. just hanging out. without the pressure to shake hands with those around you right before offering is lifted. once the relationships become intimate enough you feel comfortable to read and pray together. to say "you know what? i want to set money aside each paycheck and do something with it...i want to give it to the homeless shelter....i want to knock on my neighbors' doors and ask to make sure that they have enough or make sure they are okay...that if they need help i'll be here with $30 set aside from my paycheck this week." Karelys Beltran, a comment left on why 20 somethings are leaving the church and what is church really?

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