Saturday, December 17, 2011

Update: Nothing too special, just happy

Life these days are pretty fantastic. I have an
incredible job, a few great friends i can count on,
and so much to do! I've been hating on Jacksonville for awhile, but the city just keeps getting better. there are some friends i really miss seeing regularly, but thats life in a big city....every one lives spread out from each other and work/life gets crazy. while everything has been great, it seems like i lose touch with my self every now and then. because of my personality and my career, i'm always doing things for other people so they feel great and comfortable. i've been trying to develop my own interests, beliefs, and values. i started painting for fun again which is just a great way to relieve stress and give me some me time. The last thing I used to do for me time was tanning bed but I'm too afraid of melanoma now.

I'm settling into my apartment and to Springfield. I really love it here and am looking to get more involved in the development aspect. I love helping people and do it a lot with my job but I am kind of exhausted from giving so much of my self all of the time. Outside of work, I'll still volunteer but I'm looking to develop skills and hobbies that are for me. something i'm good at that can benefit people in a bigger scheme of things. I really want to see my neighborhood flourish and become a safe, exciting, vibrant center of town that feels like home. I want downtown to be a place where people come together to share ideas, culture, and activities! I'm definitely going to pursue this now that I'm feeling a little more settled in my job.

Off to see a movie with my best friend Ariane in our Pjs! Yay for girls weekend so far!

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