Tuesday, February 8, 2011

25 goals for 25th Year

1. Move into own place
2. Save $500
3. Have a travel savings jar
4. Take myself out on a cheap date once a week
5. Celebrate St. Patrick's Day
6. Volunteer with a program that doesn't involve children
7. Become an expert in bully prevention
8. Go to tubing with friends this summer in Ichetucknee
9. Visit Washington DC
10. Get active in a gym (Zumba)
11. Visit NYC and see Lauren McCain & Jennie Rudikoff
12. Visit Hailey in Boston
13. Go to the Guggenheim Museum
14. Drive to CHarleston for the weekend with friends to see a band at the PourHouse and stay in the NotSoHostel
15. Have a margarita party @ my new place
16. Try out for community theatre
17. At least have some romance in my life
18. Send more snail mail
19. Read 25 books & keep a list
20. Apply for other jobs/career change
21. Go strawberry picking
22. Actually go to a state fair
23. Fall in love without trying
24. Develop a mentoring program at UNF
25. Make iMentorJax a household name

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