Friday, April 9, 2010

Dog People

So lately I have been surrounded by dogs. If you know me, I am a cat person through and through. I am obsessed and cry whenever I see kittens. Dogs have always annoyed me because they 1) they stink 2) they are so needy and 3) they don't cover up their poo. I have been sick and tired of self-proclaimed "dog people" because seriously, how many people can actually love this drooling creature so sincerely? Until now.

Now, I can't get enough! I have a friend who has a dog named Daisy and his neighbors have tons of dogs that all play together. They are adorable and now that we don;t hang out as much, I really miss the dog! Gracie has been wonderful too. We have had a weird relationship ever since the accident with my kittens but now I can see how amazing she is. We just have fun together after I get off of work and play for a bit.

Now, me not just accepting dogs as a pretty cool species but as an awesome part of life has been a reflection of other areas of my life. I am really opening up to new things that I would have not done a few years ago. I have been tired of my life and the way things are going. I just wanted a fresh start. Life doesn't always give you fresh starts though, you have to work your way through hard times without being able to start all over again. I wanted to move far away and do something new. God didn't have those plans for me. I have to stay where I am and grow to love this part of my life of being really confused about the direction. I didn;t just like dogs all of a sudden because I had one great experience. It has taken my entire life, a few bad experiences, and some progressively great experiences with a change of attitude that has helped me love being around dogs and just rolling around on the floor with them :)

Overall, I am looking forward to this new part of my life where I am building upon everyday and enjoying the present. I still have issues with looking to far into the future but....I am working on it. I just really want to find love and I know that in order to have something true and that lasts, I definitely need to wait on God's timing. Ultimately, that is the kind that will be the most grounded and pure.

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