Saturday, August 30, 2014

Rock Being Single & Living Alone

Being single can feel utterly lonely, especially if you are living in a new city away from old friends and family. People have their cliques, are coupling up, getting married, having kids and you are like...I guess I'll stay at work until 8pm. Your dishes stack up, there are piles of clothes in every corner of your living areas, and let's face it...there are few reasons to stop binge watching Netflix and eating cereal in bed.

Just stop. You are better than this. Don't wait to live your life when you find a companion. Here are some helpful things to rock being single and not daydream about the day you'll have a lifetime roommate before it's the right person.

1. Stock toilet paper within arms reach of toilet. REPLENISH FREQUENTLY. Have a backup pack in storage. This is often overlooked but VERY important.

2. Stock Gatorade, sinus/cold/flu/NyQuil and nasal spray and soup for sick days. You might have friends but most will stay far away from you if they suspect your house is covered in tissue paper (also a good reason to stock up on toilet paper).

3. Have a pe that forces you out of bed on the weekends. They'll cuddle, keep you company, and give you someone to talk to...even if you are fussing at them.

4. Some might say keep fridge stocked with beer & wine but I say keep frozen fruit in little bags for those snacky-bored times. Healthy option and won't make you depressed like alcohol does to your system.

5. Keep a yoga at, weights, and computer/tv hook up so you can exercise at a moment's notice when bored and no one is free to hang out.

6. Stay in at least two nights a week to clean, do laundry, and spend some quiet time reading, meditating and getting your spiritual health check-up.

7. Have one night a where you invite neighbors or acquaintances to dinner or dessert. This might be the scariest thing for an introvert or someone with low self-confidence. Just do it.

8. Bake for your neighbors or do something thoughtful. Again...connections.

9. Get rid of clutter and donate items to a real charity, not just Goodwill (a multi million dollar company).

10. Decorate our house - please don't seep on a mattress and furnish your house with milk crates and other dumpster finds. Create a living space you would be proud of having these new neighbors and friends over to. Splash some paint on the walls and a few mirrors or splurge on thrift store finds that make up a cool eclectic vibe. Thrift store furniture can be amazing with some paint, new handles, and good placement.

11. Save money for emergencies - at least $1000. This will help you continue living on your own without moving back in with your parents. It will be tempting and they may dangle "free rent" over your heads....but here is the secret....they don't want you to get married or to live as an adult. They want you to hang around and be their baby forever even if they push you to "grow up." It is a trick!

12.Call your college friends regularly - not facebook them - call them. At least once a month.

13. Take mini-trips even during the workweek to explore nature trails, sites within 2 hours of where yo live: hike, kayak, caoe, swim, bike, etc.

14. Have a standing date night once a month with a good friend.

15. Join a non-profit board or young professionals group. Get on a committee that you can really make a difference in.

16. Go to the doctor regularly for check-ups. It may cost about $150 a year, but it will help out down the road and prevent anxieties about bigger bills (cavities for example).

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