Friday, June 21, 2013

Wife Swap Therapy

The title probably explains itself and I need to write no more.

But I'll continue.

Wife Swap is the best show on the planet. It brings two polar opposite families into each other's lives highlighting the beautiful things in a family and the toxic parts. It's hard to know whether you are "normal" or not because we are all just an extension of how we were raised.

The families that have the best experience are the ones who are open to learning new "rules" from their new moms. Sometimes it just makes people grateful for all that their spouse does in the family. Sometimes it's realizing to let go a little. Often, it's just about spending more quality time with the ones closest to you.

It made me realize that I don't need to go on a show like Wife Swap, but to live every day with that balance of the two stereotypical families. Be tidy but take time with family not revolving around cleaning. Kids should have rules and structure, but they should also be granted freedoms as they grow and mature to decide who they want to be. Kindness and love are always the best way to communicate versus drill sergeant household.

I think what helped me the most was to see how keeping a clean home benefitted the whole family. I also loved seeing how one woman described that by spending time with another woman's daughter, her heart was "overcome with joy and fullness." That made me want to cry! I have always wanted to be a mother but recently it has felt like being a parent was a burden. Seeing that reaction, I can't wait for the day to meet my children and just learn about who they are and what makes them happy. What a beautiful thing to be a loving, nurturing parent in the life of a child. It must really be an honor.

So tonight, while resting to get feeling better, I started taking care of my home and myself. This is quite a feat for a Friday night! Instead of feeling pressure to live up my weekend evening I got to clean and paint my nails. I feel rested, I feel calm, and my heart is just happy. This is a rare experience in my single life to just be quiet. No television to drown the quiet moments but just my thoughts, candles, and sounds of a beautiful piano.

My God is a loving God who creates our bodies to wear down: To stop ourselves when we get too busied, stressed, and weary. What a blessing in disguise! I hate being sick but I'm happy to have a moment to slow down and rest my soul.

My friend Miranda used to call her devotional time with the lord "Sabbath Time." I thought that was funny because I just called it quiet time. But time with the Lord is a time of rest in the spirit from the tasks of everyday life. So I will be taking Sabbath Time tonight and finding rest in the wisdom of the Bible and peace in the quiet.

Also a shoutout to my cats! They have both been cuddling with me about every night & morning the past week. I love them!

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