Thursday, May 3, 2012


i feel totally out of sorts. dehydration and stress induced headache. i can't plan a vacation. too much, too soon. i can almost sense the summer being over before it begins! i think its a money headache too. i just would like to be able to relax and pick a vacation/adventure with a friend and not think about the cost. it seems selfish because some people can't pay their rent and don't have the luxury to dream about spending $1000 on a vacation. in the back of my head i think about all of the things i could do with that money: pay down debt, take a few classes, do a leadership thing....

vacation options:
1. Southern Utah camping hiking trip. would like at least 1-3 friends (plane ticket $350, rental car $350, gas $250)
2. Call Jinky and just do anything she is doing this summer
3. Go on a cruise to the Caribbean
4. visit exchange student friends in Europe ($750 flight: 3 weeks), stay with them and use public transportation
5. go somewhere and work casually (not with kids)

just feeling a little lost. at least this helps me get it out on "paper"

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