Monday, February 20, 2012

The Art of Choosing

Elias and I were talking about how people let things destruct our lives. People suffer everyday but don't have a choice to let it be a road block. They must eat, they must continue to work. Now, a divorce can ruin a child's whole life perspective. Women throw themselves onto any man but fear love and commitment. Men fear love and commitment. How lucky are we that in our country, marriage is an act of love.......not out of duty or financial responsibility!! I think it's funny that people think they know everything about how to make a good marriage. "You have to live with someone before you are married" is the number one thing I hear. Okay, that sounds reasonable until it gets further explained. "Well, you get to know what they are really like. Like if they are messy or leave toothpaste on the sink...."

Hold the phone. SO you are telling me you would call it quits over dirty socks and hair in the sink? That sounds skewed. Then, essentially, a couple divorces. Not legally but emotionally over spilt milk. To me, that was never love. One thing I know is that you can find out how messy, romantic, thoughtful, and considerate someone is from dating. People always change but here are some ways to really know who you are falling in love with: go on group dates, volunteer together, go on a car trip, go camping, go to church together, cook dinner together, do laundry together....these things try a lot of different areas of a person's character. After you go through these things together you can assess if you have the same values and want to pursue that person for marriage. You don't test a relationship by having sex and watching the same tv shows or listening to the same music. That doesn't qualify anyone for the "next step" of living together.

I don't believe that everything works out beautifully in the end. While in the previous post I commented on how great life is and I have hope....this is my clause. We can screw up our own lives continuously. Our lives are determined by our choices. I have hope because I have a standard of living (which i sometimes mess up) but I know that the more I pursue goodness and put my trust in God then life will be an adventure.

I hate to bring Whitney Houston into this but I am. She could have had an incredible wonderful life. She chose drug abuse. I believe she ended her life because she was fighting a war from within her soul. She tried to escape with drugs but being a Christian (I do believe she is a Christian) she had to have been trying to fight the addiction. Addiction is a terrible sickness that eats people from within. That is the hardest sickness to battle. But, there aren't any walks or fundraisers to help people fight the battle of addiction. Why not? It starts with a choice. It ends with a choice. We cheer those who choose life. We mourn those who choose death.

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