Saturday, January 7, 2012


Happy Camper!!!!
This whole meal maybe cost less than $1
Sweet Potatoes with salt, sugar, paprika

I've started off the New year with eating vegetarian. Last night I broke the trend with part of a Scotch Egg. If you don't know what it haven't lived. Its absolutely deliciously disgusting. Its is a hardboiled egg inside of a huge sausage thing deep fried with stone mustard sauce. YUM. Other than that, I haven't eaten meat....oh wait, I had meatballs. ok, I've barely had meat. I used to eat meat at EVERY meal:
  • breakfast: eggs, bacon, sausage
  • lunch: ham/turkey, burgers, chicken, etc
  • dinner: chicken, steak, fish
After watching the documentary Forks Over Knives, I was sick. IT basically shows how Americans are the sickest people pretty much in the world. Heart disease, diabetes, and cancer are literally killing us but we spend so much money on healthcare that it postpones the inevitable while we stuff our faces with food. The whole point of the film is that our nation's excessive meat product intake directly correlates with our nation's disease rate. I'm not completely cutting out meat but it makes sense to limit intake. we only have 4 canine teeth. That means our body can't process a lot of meat--just looks at our intestines. too long to let rotting food sit in there. its a great way to get rid of stinky farts.

anyway, i'm excited to start eating better (and its also tasting great!) there is more to vegetarian meals than salads (which I don't like). rice, beans, green peppers, onions, tomatoes, grapefruit, quesadillas, grilled tofu, etc.

Watch the movie and think for yourself!

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