Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year, New You


*Apply to be a Registered Social Work Intern by Feb 1st
*Get the Local Arlington Chamber Council more heavily involved in the Arlington area schools
*Study Spanish and practice speaking
*Start and finish a bible study with a group
*Eat more fruits and vegetables
*Apply to teach at FSCJ as an SLS instructor (Freshman class)
*Write notes to people that have mentored and helped me along the way.
*Volunteer regularly at the Clara White Mission.
*Be a better mentor to Chriyana.
* Get up at 6am every weekday morning, exercise, Sabbath time, breakfast, news, shower
*Spend a week out west: Colorado
*Take up kick boxing or some kind of class
*Volunteer with Downtown Jacksonville
*Enjoy at least 5 stay-cations:
1. Tubing down Ichetucknee
2. Kayak Amelia
3. Camping somewhere
4. Horseback Riding at Amelia
5. Hike a GA trail: get hiking boots and a hiking pack
*See a band in Charleston and visit with cousins
*Cut out beer from diet and milk
*Eat less than 3-4 meats a week
*Save Sunday nights to plan meals and lunches for the week while doing laundry
*Study for GMAT or LSAT
*Let myself be open to love
*Get to know my friends better, cultivate deeper more meaningful relationships with fewer people

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