Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rules of Engagement

I am attracted to tall, tan, handsome men. Who is attracted to me? DARK homeless men. This is at least the typical person who asks me to dinner. Really??

I went to Hemingway Plaza to enjoy the sights of downtown and the beautiful sunshine. 5 minutes into my lovely experience a man waves at me and buys me a soda. While it started off nice to make a new friend it ended so weird. I don;t understand the thoughts of men. Just because YOU think someone is beautiful doesn't give you the right to assume they want to spend time with you. What's in it for me to go to dinner with a 50 year old man who has never gone to college, is on a disability check and smells like a garbage can? Is there anyone that would challenge that I or ANYONE else needs to give an explanation?

While you ponder this, I will be spraying myself with Victoria Secret body spray. [done] I am not tring to be rude but I think it should be the duty of men to keep their opinion of women to their friends and friends of the girl. Take a lesson from this homeless man and don't be so forward. It's unbecoming of a gentleman.

Other than that, I still love downtown. I may not want to live in Springfield by myself anymore since strange men can't follow the rules but I think downtown is amazing and there is a lot of things to do!

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