Tuesday, April 27, 2010

sun sun sun

Went to Atlanta this past weekend and it was geat to get away and be out and about in the city on a walking tour of the Highlands and Super Target: Greatlands which experienced a severe thunderstorm which knocked the lights out! We experienced an arts festival and the lesbians in full force with t-shirts saying "Lesbilicious" and others calling their friends "Elezabeth." I saw a man carrying his cat around on his shoulder like a baby and it was just chilling up there! There were homeless punk kids playing guitars and singing songs and telling people they were commies for not giving them money....? What, we are communists for not GIVING you money? haha it was all pretty dang fun. Erin's new apartment is super cute and in the most desirable area of town for anyone! I am a bit jealous but mostly just happy for her! when I got home, i was happy to be home. Jacksonville is home no matter how cool i want to be to live in a new city. i just need to accept that i am a homebody and i like being a big fish in a small pond!

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