Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Island living.....in Wisconsin?

I visited Wisconsin in September for Andy's family reunion to celebrate the 21st wedding anniversary of John & Larae Gower. There is a big beautiful island called Washington where people vacation. It resembles the coast of Maine...and this is where our weekend was held.
Andy suprised me at the airport with a bucket of icecream! We proceeded to drive for 2 hours to get to a ferry boat that would take us across THE bay. It was windy and just plain cold on the boat, but I welcomed the cool weather to my recent days of hot, muggy mess in Florida. My scarf and Andy's "cool" jacket kept me warm for the trip over. We kissed fervently the whole ride over as our meetings have been sparse lately with work loads increasing. Before we met the family we had some nice time together. on the boat. which was cold.
Andy's family is pretty awesome. Not only were they welcoming to me, but they love each other so much! The kids are cool and couldn't stop singing the "Phinneas & Pherb" theme song. By the end I had to explain Captain Planet and his kick-pollution-in-the-butt theme song (kids from California). I believe they enjoyed it.

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