Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Bruno review

saw half of bruno last night. walked out. i would be in that 1/2 that found it really offensive. first joke about autism, not funny. second "funny" part was really crude sex scene (gay or straight not cool). joke about killing christians instead of isrealis or palestinians. his test video of his penis and aborting retarded babies. maybe some people think this stuff is funny but its kind of sick that this is where we are at to get a laugh. i just think he is trying to push people's buttons and push social barriers. i wanted to see it because i thought it would be more mild like the trailers i saw. oh well, i would not recommend it to most of my friends. sorry i even saw part of it. i am really glad andy felt the same way. our conversation after the movie made me feel happy that we are like-minded in general culture moral standards.

ps. if you walk out of a movie you can get raincheck tickets. never feel like you wasted money on crap. 

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