Sunday, January 29, 2012


So, i've been thinking.....

i don't think i've been the best picker over my life span and it may be because i've been wishy-washy with who i am based on who i'm dating. i think its okay to be flexible, but your core values shouldn't be uprooted (unless someone has poor core values or none). its not that you have to be perfect to find a mate, I want fall in love with a man that has earned my respect and who treasures me. but in order to be treasured, i want to be the woman that pursues Christ and a man can trust me to be good to him, be a wonderful mother, and a servant in our community: The ideal Proverbs 30 woman. Not because i'm trying to fit a formula, but because i want a lasting, loving marriage that only grows stronger and better with time. in our culture, marriage gets worse with time until it gets so weak that it just crumbles to dust.

the truth is, it will be great to marry a man who submits to the Lord. It seems like the reason why marrying a practicing Christian (or same faith) is that a person is used to surrendering their will to God. In marriage, love is sacrificial. If someone is not used to submitting to another for the belief that by giving it up you get something better in return, then marriage will be a rocky road. The cool thing about a Christian marriage (seemingly) is that both people separately have already formed their identity in Christ, so when they join together....there is already a boundary of core values.

my prayer is that i will be a woman that deserves this kind of man and that there will be a man who treasures me like most precious jewels. i also pray that a good man will pursue my sister's heart so that she will know love. i actually would love it if this happened for her before me. Like now lol.

so for now, i think i am finally at a point where i'm just trying to figure out who i am. so for now, i will be keeping my place clean, eating ice cream, staying in shape, getting better at work, riding my bike, and doing lots of free stuff.

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