Thursday, March 10, 2011

Growing up

Today I talked to some of the seniors I work with about their progress in getting ready for college. One of them said he was plannin gon moving to LA to work on his acting career if he did not get into FSU. At first, the adult in me was like "Nooo you arent ready at 18!!" But the wildflower in me thought, "How cool to have that chance to follow your dream." ALthough he definitely isn;t ready I talked to his mentor about how to help prepare him for that decision.

Even his mentor, who is a minister by trade, was shocked at first. After talking he remembered that he wanted to be a pilot but because of family issues he never pursued that dream....until now at the age of 50. Dreams are a hard thing to catch and succeed at. I would imagine that only very few actual ever end up where their dream began. I have a feeling very few of those people drew inside the lines or followed any particular rules to get there.

It's scary to follow our dreams because there is a huge risk. Especially when we have lots of bills to pay. I don;t really know what the dream for my life is but I always knew I wanted to a) make a difference and b) have fun doing it! Right now, in some ways I think I'm already doing that. I have a young professionals leadership group that I developed with the help and support of people who have the same passion. I am mentoring an awesome high school girl. I get to help others realize their dreams.

Another dream I have is to build my own house in the country with the help of an architect. I think most of the dreams for my life have nothing to do with a career but mostly how I live my life. I haven't had much career direction because as long as I enjoy it and am really good at it, then I'll be happy. It's what goes on outside of the office that matters to me most.

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