Friday, February 29, 2008

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"

1. i never want to grow up
2. What i want to be does not equal what i will do
3. ask me again and i will tell you exactly what i want to be: a movie star or a socialite
4. what do i want to do as a social worker? ummm help people, duh.
5. if one more person asks what social work is and then says something about taking away kids, im not going to fight it. open a book. read the paper. open your eyes! social workers are every where. you too can live like a social worker and fight injustice in all realms!
6. i blame my parents for me not knowing what i want to do. their genes made me dreamy and their worldview let me see the world and tell me that i could do anything!

so all in all. what i REALLY want to do is be a tv show host maybe for HGTV and with my star qualities be able to help people at a macro level. i've never wanted a simple life and i want nothing to do with mediocrity. i only can live one life and i want to make it count. i dont know how heaven works (based on the assumption im going of course) but i like to think that everyone still has their personalities but a lot friendlier and loving. all of the things that annoy us are gone and we arent tied to our earthly bodies. the thing that matters the most is the soul and on earth that is what you live or die by. i just want to be connected to as many people as possible.

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